Erkki’s DPA Diary

I am keeping this diary – which I started on 12.1.2020 – as a web-site page instead of a blog posting. It is open for anyone to read if interested in my Permaculture Diploma path. As such it is an appendix to my DPA Mainpage and quite ”deep” in the web-site. No need for it to jump up on social media. I am writing it backwards so if you want to read in chronological order you should start from the bottom.

12.1.2019: This and last weekend I and Marja have discussed the Iso-orvokkiniitty permaculture design process – mainly how to get it started again and how to avoid problems we have had with collaborating on it earlier. We are in a stage where we both have worked on the design quite extensively and the design exists in bits and pieces on our computers, pieces of paper and in our minds. Over these years we have obviously implemented a lot of stuff but often there has been no real plan to fall back to or even no agreement about what the plan was. So it has not always been easy. Our problem is that we don’t really know how to work together. Instead of permaculture design we need NVC. But we also need the design because we can’t avoid doing things.

Iso-orvokkiniitty in the middle. In 2014 all that was field and forest.
The house was built in the young birch woods.

In 2019 the design work or Diploma did not progress a lot. On my side I had an extremely busy year in my business life (organic food exports) (but still managed to plant quite a few trees) and on Marja’s she was finalising her studies in landscape hortonomy and doing her apprenticeship and then in the summer she was diagnosed with a serious illness which has taken her attention most of the autumn and winter. Now we want to get back on track.

We have changed the landscape quite dramatically. On the right side of the photo our willow sewage system caused a huge mess and headache in terms of what to do with the extra soil from the excavation.

Last week we had to look at the garden design. We wanted to understand where to put a 4 meter geodesic greenhouse and the composting station in case the winter continues like this (warm and wet – no snow) and we could actually do something about putting them up. In order to do that we also had to decide where to put the solar climate-battery greenhouse sauna combination which will be a 10 x 7 meters structure. I took aerial photos with my drone, we sat down and analysed and discussed and we reached a common understanding about those elements. I was quite happy about that.

Our garden on 5th January 2020.

Yesterday we tried to get a grip on the permaculture design process. We are using Aranya’s ”Permaculture Design” book as our reference. From there we chose OBREDIMET as our framework. Maybe we should tweak it as Dominik Jais proposes to OBR3DIM.

In the meantime I have also started to design the solar climate-battery greenhouse sauna combination and for that purpose I have practised using SketchUp. Basically that started because we should change our building rights application to reflect what we are planning to do. This 10x7m construction was not in our application.

Today our discussions were not so successful. Our willow sewage system has caused a huge mess and headache in terms of what to do with the extra soil from the excavation. Now the area has been more or less formed by our excavator contractor. Trying to do what Marja wished but Marja is not happy with it. NVC needed.

Tonight I have been reading what I have done so far about my Diploma here on the blog. Doing that – reading things I have written in 2018 – I realised that I should have a diary. So here it starts – better late than never.