16 Nov

I originally wrote this chapter as a part of Design 2: Energy at Iso-orvokkiniitty, which originally was broader than just energy. Therefore the Needs chapter was broader than what is necessary for just looking at the Energy. So not loose that text I am putting it here as a separate background article. Our Needs The house where one lives relates obviously to ones needs, some of them basic. An article […]

I first published this article on 10.2.2022 but as usual it was not final. I had written the Vision, Needs and Observations of the current situation, evaluated how it works and possibilities to tweak. I came back to the design in September 2023. Now I decided I need to narrow down the scope from “Buildings and Energy systems” to “Energy at Iso-orvokkiniitty”. Possible spin-offs (i.e. other designs) are “Water and […]