I am keeping this diary – which I started on 12.1.2020 – as a web-site page instead of a blog posting. It is open for anyone to read if interested in my Permaculture Diploma path. As such it is an appendix to my DPA Mainpage and quite “deep” in the web-site. No need for it to jump up on social media. I am writing it backwards so if you want […]

=> Courses, workshops, visits attended = receiving <= Courses, workshops, visits given = sharing (“with Erkki” means he was the main teacher) 2014 => I have done my PDC in France at Le Ferme du Bec Hellouine in August and September 2014. I have reported about the course in Finnish in our blog at that time (pre-course, 1st week, 2nd week). 2015 => 7.3.2015: Keynote speech (Expo West, Anaheim) by Paul Stamets […]