Diploma apprentice’s name Erkki Pöytäniemi Date Apprentice started Diploma May 2021 Project Title Design 4 – Forest Garden Design Number 4/10 Date Design Started 2015 Date Design Completed 2024-03-31 Has the Design been implemented? yes Online Link to Design (if available) Design 4.2: Forest Garden – Erkki ‘s Permaculture Diploma Type of Design Land Based Design Framework GoSADIMET Design Category Land & Nature Stewardship. Tools used Ethics to state vision, […]

Approved 16.9.2023 – No editing after that. This design was started in June 2021 as “Water and Making Ponds”. After reviewing it in June 2023 I decided that the design is too big and should be divided in smaller bits that are easier to manage. The largest part of the design is the Ponds at Iso-orvokkiniitty (this design). Other designs evolving from the original could be “Household water system at […]

This is the third design in my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design Portfolio. I started writing it in early 2022 and first published it 3.5.2022. The second version was published in spring 2023 and the final in October 2023. APPROVED 16.11.2023 (no edits after that) Index My path from Beekeeping to Caring for Bees I had bees for a couple of years in the late 1970’s when I was in […]

I first published this article on 10.2.2022 but as usual it was not final. I had written the Vision, Needs and Observations of the current situation, evaluated how it works and possibilities to tweak. I came back to the design in September 2023. Now I decided I need to narrow down the scope from “Buildings and Energy systems” to “Energy at Iso-orvokkiniitty”. Possible spin-offs (i.e. other designs) are “Water and […]