Approved 16.9.2023 – No editing after that. This design was started in June 2021 as “Water and Making Ponds”. After reviewing it in June 2023 I decided that the design is too big and should be divided in smaller bits that are easier to manage. The largest part of the design is the Ponds at Iso-orvokkiniitty (this design). Other designs evolving from the original could be “Household water system at […]

Following Design 5, I am presenting also Design 6 as a video and Miro board. However in this case I want the length of the video to be reasonable (targeting 15 min but ending up with 25 min) which means that I am not going through the whole design in detail like in the Design 5 presentation. Roughly half of the video is about the design process and the other […]

I am presenting my Design 5 as a video. I published the first 42 minutes version on 22.1.2023. Based on the discussions with my mentor I tweaked it into the 2nd version with more reflection about the design process and published it on 1.3.2023. The length of the video doubled but I am running it in YouTube at 15% extra speed so now it is just less than an hour. […]

This is the third design in my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design Portfolio. Again I published it before it was final – feel free to comment. First published 3.5.2022 (there will be an edit log in the end of the article). There are quite a few changes in content and structure after we went through the design with my tutor in June. My aim is to finalise the design in […]

I first published this article on 10.2.2022 but as usual it was not final. I had written the Vision, Needs and Observations of the current situation, evaluated how it works and possibilities to tweak. I came back to the design in September 2023. Now I decided I need to narrow down the scope from “Buildings and Energy systems” to “Energy at Iso-orvokkiniitty”. Possible spin-offs (i.e. other designs) are “Water and […]