6 Jan

I published this article first in Finnish on iso-orvokkiniitty.fi on 4.1.2021. Here I used Google Translate for translation which worked surprisingly well (you could actually use Google translate to read our Finnish articles and mostly make sense of them). I have corrected obvious translation errors and done small updates but basically the text is as the original text. In the summer and autumn of 2013, the decision matured for us […]

24.8.2023: I decided that the “Water and Making Ponds” is too wide in scope and therefore difficult to structure in a sensible way. I am making a revised design just about the ponds: Design 1: Ponds at Iso-orvokkiniitty. That opens the possibility to make separate designs about I am moving this to Background articles. I am starting to write this on 8.6.2021 as the first actual design in my Diploma […]

My path to the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design (DPA) Content Background The Design Framework Vision My Permaculture Design Matrix Yeomans’ Keyline Scale of Permanence Planetary Boundaries Permaculture Ethics Permaculture Design Principles The way forward: the sub-designs The Permaculture Pathway Background I have done my PDC course in France at Le Ferme du Bec Hellouine in August and September 2014. I have reported about the course in Finnish in our blog […]

Family meeting in 2014 (post first written 11.6.2021) In March 2014 we gathered together at our home in Espoo with our kids. We had found Iso-orvokkiniitty in February and had decided to buy it if possible. We wanted to know what our children thought about it and what ideas or wishes they might have. We made a mind-map together which you can see on the right. The mind-map consists mainly […]

Karjalohja Karjalohja, where Iso-orvokkiniitty is located, is situated in the western Uusimaa region 85 km west of Helsinki, south of the main E18 motorway between Helsinki and Turku. From Iso-orvokkiniitty it is 70 minutes drive to Helsinki. The closest town and the municipality to which Karjalohja belongs is Lohja to the east which has a population of 47000. The former Karjalohja municipality  (merged to Lohja  in 2013) has roughly 1500 inhabitants […]

Our coordinates at Iso-orvokkiniitty in Karjalohja are lat 60° 13.985′  lon 23° 41.966’. So we are in South-West Finland 85 km west from Helsinki. 60° North is pretty north if you look at the world map. Apart from Helsinki and southern Finland, other places that are roughly at 60° North are Stockholm (59°), Oslo (59°), St Petersburg (60°) and Anchorage (61°). However if you would travel around the world on the 60° latitude […]