Following Design 5, I am presenting also Design 6 as a video and Miro board. However in this case I want the length of the video to be reasonable (targeting 15 min but ending up with 25 min) which means that I am not going through the whole design in detail like in the Design 5 presentation. Roughly half of the video is about the design process and the other […]

I am presenting my Design 5 as a video. I published the first 42 minutes version on 22.1.2023. Based on the discussions with my mentor I tweaked it into the 2nd version with more reflection about the design process and published it on 1.3.2023. The length of the video doubled but I am running it in YouTube at 15% extra speed so now it is just less than an hour. […]

This is the third design in my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design Portfolio. Again I published it before it was final – feel free to comment. First published 3.5.2022 (there will be an edit log in the end of the article). There are quite a few changes in content and structure after we went through the design with my tutor in June. My aim is to finalise the design in […]

I am publishing this article on 10.2.2022 but as usual it is not final. I have written the Vision, Needs, Observations of the current situation, Evaluated how it works and possibilities to tweak. I have decided on a tweak but need to reflect on other possible routes to take. So here I need a pause, and I will probably leave this design for a while. This article is building heavily […]

6 Jan

I published this article first in Finnish on on 4.1.2021. Here I used Google Translate for translation which worked surprisingly well (you could actually use Google translate to read our Finnish articles and mostly make sense of them). I have corrected obvious translation errors and done small updates but basically the text is as the original text. In the summer and autumn of 2013, the decision matured for us […]

I am starting to write this on 8.6.2021 as the first actual design in my Diploma work at Iso-orvokkiniitty. In this design I am combining Water (a main system) and Planning Area PA-7: The Pond (a main planning area) and whatever other ponds we plan, into the same design. So I will proceed with the OBREDIMET process. I am publishing this design here on my Diploma web-site for the first […]

My path to the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design (DPA) Content Background The Design Framework Vision My Permaculture Design Matrix Yeomans’ Keyline Scale of Permanence Planetary Boundaries Permaculture Ethics Permaculture Design Principles The way forward: the sub-designs The Permaculture Pathway Background I have done my PDC course in France at Le Ferme du Bec Hellouine in August and September 2014. I have reported about the course in Finnish in our blog […]

Family meeting in 2014 (post first written 11.6.2021) In March 2014 we gathered together at our home in Espoo with our kids. We had found Iso-orvokkiniitty in February and had decided to buy it if possible. We wanted to know what our children thought about it and what ideas or wishes they might have. We made a mind-map together which you can see on the right. The mind-map consists mainly […]

Prelude This article will be a little different because I think I need to tell what I planned to do and started doing but didn’t finalise. Maybe this chapter is not really a part of the design but it is a part of my design path. Anyway I am publishing it now on 5.5.2021 but I am pretty sure I will come back to it for editing. In the previous […]

If you have read through the previous 3 articles about the site (see above) and 60 DEGREES NORTH, 23 EAST you should have a pretty good picture of where we are and what has happened so far (until January 2021). In this article I will analyse the site from one more perspective: what are the different planning areas we should look at either as a part of the master design […]