6 Jan

I published this article first in Finnish on iso-orvokkiniitty.fi on 4.1.2021. Here I used Google Translate for translation which worked surprisingly well (you could actually use Google translate to read our Finnish articles and mostly make sense of them). I have corrected obvious translation errors and done small updates but basically the text is as the original text. In the summer and autumn of 2013, the decision matured for us […]

I am starting to write this on 8.6.2021 as the first actual design in my Diploma work at Iso-orvokkiniitty. In this design I am combining Water (a main system) and Planning Area PA-7: The Pond (a main planning area) and whatever other ponds we plan, into the same design. So I will proceed with the OBREDIMET process. I am publishing this design here on my Diploma web-site for the first […]