Learn straw bale clay house construction in practise! 

Our straw bale-clay house workshops will start on week 43 (24th October 2016) with installing the straw bale walls.

Dates: 24th October to 28th October 2016.
Time: 9 to 16 every day.
Place: Iso-orvokkiniitty, Varkalahdentie 33, 09120 Karjalohja, Finland (check map at the bottom of this page).

 (Erkki Pöytäniemi)

Bales were unloaded last year. However now we are getting new organic rye bales for the construction.

Charlie Jepergaard from Natural Building Company is an experienced straw bale clay builder and he has held several workshops. He will tell and show us
– what a straw bale should be like for house construction
– how to put straw bales in place correctly
– how to cope with windows and doors etc and still get the straw bale insulation tight (how to cut straw bales)
– how to install straw bales all the way up to a sloping roof
– and other necessary know-how about straw bale installation.

We will go through the whle straw bale installation step by step in practise at a real house construction site at Iso-orvokkiniitty.

The price of the work shop is 150 € + 50 € for food = 200 € for the whole 5 day course.
It is also possible to attend only on some of the days. In that case the cost is 40 € + 10 € for food per day.
Please REGISTER with Marja Nuora by email: marja(at) or text her at +358 50 5862697

 (Erkki Pöytäniemi)

Charlie Jespergaard analysing straw structure at a straw bale clay workshop earlier this year in Inkoo.

Let us know which days you want to attend, do you want food (vegetarian soup and afternoon coffee / tea)(10 € per day) and do you have any specific food concerns.
Only 10 people can participate in the workshop each day.

Follow further information on our facebook event page:

Further courses will be announced in this blog and our facebook page later. However the actual clay work will be in summer 2017 as it would not be very pleasant to do it in the winter.


 (Erkki Poytaniemi)

Our house on 27.9.2016. Next week (week 40) the rafters will be lifted in place and after that we will build the roof. Then we can take the straw bales inside and the wall installation can be done without risk of rain.


Map: (The house is built on the east side of the red dot on the forest edge.)

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