Erkki: Courses, workshops and study trips relevant to permaculture

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=> Courses, workshops, visits attended = receiving

<= Courses, workshops, visits given = sharing (”with Erkki” means he was the main teacher)



  1. => I have done my PDC in France at Le Ferme du Bec Hellouine in August and September 2014. I have reported about the course in Finnish in our blog at that time (pre-course, 1st week, 2nd week).



  1. => 7.3.2015: Keynote speech (Expo West, Anaheim) by Paul Stamets about Mushrooms and Bee Health.
  2. => 10.3.2015: Visit to Field & Forest Products mushroom farm in Green Bay, MI, USA. Report in Finnish.
  3. <= 29.3.2015: Shiitake inoculation workshops at Iso-orvokkiniitty with Erkki.
  4. => 10.6.2015: Visit to organic shiitake farm ”Dulbeni” in Latvia. Report in Finnish.
  5. => 12.9.2015:  ”Biodling med topplistkupa” (Bee keeping with Top List Hives) by Patrick Sallman  in Alafors (in Swedish), Sweden. (Report of the course in Finnish.)
  6. => 19.-20.9.2015: Edible forest gardens and how to design a green house by Jerome Osentowski. The lectures by Jerome were in Överby in Espoo on 19.9.2015 and the practical workshop at Iso-orvokkiniitty on 20.9.2015.



  1. => 5.3.2016: ”Biodling med topplistkupa” (Bee keeping with Top List Hives) by Patrick Sallman in Fiskars, Finland (in Swedish). (We arranged the course together with Patrick.)
  2. <= 9.4.2016: MEHILÄISEMPÄÄ MEHILÄISHOITOA YLÄLISTAPESILLÄ -PERUSKURSSI (Course on Natural Beekeeping with Top-Bar Hives) in Sammatti with Erkki (in Finnish).
  3. <= 23.4.2016: Shiitake inoculation workshops at Iso-orvokkiniitty with Erkki.
  4. <= 2.7.2016: MEHILÄISEMPÄÄ MEHILÄISHOITOA YLÄLISTAPESILLÄ -Työpaja (Practical Workshop on Natural Beekeeping with Top-Bar Hives) with Erkki
  5. <=> 24.-28.10.2016: Workshop about building a straw bale clay house: building the straw bale walls at Iso-orvokkiniitty, with Charlie Jespergaard.


  1. <= 1.4.2017: MEHILÄISEMPÄÄ MEHILÄISHOITOA YLÄLISTAPESILLÄ -PERUSKURSSI (Course on Natural Beekeeping with Top-Bar Hives) at Karjalohja Village House ”Kehrä” with Erkki.
  2. <= 15.4. & 23.4.2017 Shiitake inoculation workshops at Iso-orvokkiniitty with Erkki.
  3. => 25.-28.4.2017: Brick laying workshop with experienced brick layers led by Heikki Hyytiäinen from Suomalaiset Tulisijat: Building 2 low-emission massive ovens and kitchen stove at Iso-orvokkiniitty. Report in blog in Finnish.
  4. <=> 15.5.2017: Clay Walls Workshop PART 2 at Iso-orvokkiniitty: Making the clay mixture ready and preparing the walls for plastering, with Charlie Jespergaard.
  5. <=> 10.6.2017: Clay Walls Workshop PART 3 at Iso-orvokkiniitty: First layer plastering, with Charlie Jespergaard.
  6. <=> 12.-13.7.2017: Clay Walls Workshop PART 4 at Iso-orvokkiniitty: 2nd layer plastering, with Charlie Jespergaard. The whole wall plastering process has been reported in our blog in Finnish.
  7. <=> 4.-7.8.2016 we attended the Nordic Permaculture Festival in Isnäs, Finland. This has been reported in Finnish in our blog.  I held a workshop about beekeeping together with Auli Kontinen. My focus was in top bar hives and I had one demonstration hive with me (without bees).
  8. => 3.9.2017: Syötävä metsäpuutarha -päivä (Eadible forest garden day) with Joel Rosenberg and Juha Ujula in Laitila. Field trip to Joel’s forest garden, Juha’s fruit tree greenhouse and Vakka-Taimi tree nursery.
  9. <=> 23.9.2017: Sieni-ihmisten päivä (Mushroom peoples’ day) in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki. Table-top show and short presentation about outdoor shiitake cultivation together with Eric Puro and Mycohacklab Chris Holtslag.
  10. <=> 29.10.2017: TYÖPAJA SAVILATTIAN TEOSTA (Workshop: Making a Clay Floor) with Charlie Jespergaard.
  11. => 16.-17.11.2017  I attended the 3rd Agroforestry Conference in Alnarp, Sweden. The program is available here. On 15.11.2017  I attended the Field Trip visiting three Swedish examples of Agroforestry: Bokeslundsgården in Hörby, Holma Forest Garden in Höör and Long-term agroforestry field trials at Lönnstorp at SLU Alnarp.



  1. =>  9.-11.2.2018: I and Marja attended the Nordic Institute for Permaculture annual meetings at Holma Folkhögskola in Sweden. The Nordic Institute manages the permaculture diplomas in the Nordic countries. Activities of the NI were discussed. There was also meetings about developing LAND centres in Nordic countries and a visit to the Holma forest garden. Two Diploma works were presented and certified.
    • Henrik Haller: ”The development through permaculture design of the project Casa Montesano in Nicaragua”

       (Erkki Poytaniemi)

      Pinja ploughing with Miika Åfelt while Marja is looking on. 19.5.2018

    • Andreas Jonsson’s Site based design of his smallholder farm in Skåne, Sweden.

     (Erkki Poytaniemi)

    Tuomas Mattila explaining the wind-break with planted willow and alder. 15.6.2018

  2. => 19.5.2018 We participated in a Draft horse course (Hevospeltotyökurssi) including ploughing, harrowing and seeding a field at Koroinen in Turku. The teacher was Miika Åfelt.
  3. <= 3.6.2018 I held a whole day course on Beecentric beekeeping with topbar hives (Mehiläisempää mehiläishoitoa ylälistapesillä) in Koroinen. There were appr. 20 participants.
  4. => 15.6.2018 We participated in the ”Alley cropping field trip”  to Kilpiän farm in Pusula, Southern Finland. The field trip was organised by AFINET (Agroforestry Innovation Networks).



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