Learn straw bale clay house construction in practice!

Our straw bale-clay house workshops will continue with Charlie Jespergaard from Natural Building Company. He is an experienced straw bale clay builder.
We will be doing our clay walls the whole summer and have several workshop days with different topics with Charlie during the time. You can participate the workshops you like and stay practicing with us several days as you wish and is agreed upon.
Place: Iso-orvokkiniitty, Varkalahdentie 33, 09120 Karjalohja, Finland

PART 2: Making the clay mixture ready and preparing the walls for plastering
Date: MON 15. MAY.
Time: 9 to16

– we mix our own clay from the field with sand to make ready plastering mix
– we straighten the bale walls and fill holes
– we make the binding coat for the first layer plastering
– we look at the methods to get straight and fine plastering surface to the bale walls.

PART 3: First layer plastering
Date: SAT 10. JUNE.
Time: 9 to16

– We learn to make a good first layer plastering mix
– We plaster straw bale walls and learn how to cope with windows, doors and other difficult parts
– we learn other necessary know-how about plastering with clay.

PART 4: Second layer
Date: WED – THU 12.-13.7.
Time: 9 to 16

– We learn to make good second layer plastering mix
– We plaster second layer inside the house
– We look at other clay building methods like adobe and cob building.
– We make clay floor
The price of the work shop day is 40 € + 10 € for food = 50 €

Please REGISTER with Marja Nuora by email: marja(at)iso-orvokkiniitty.fi or text her at +358 50 5862697

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