Jerome Ostentowski

Saturday 19th September at 9am – 4pm, lectures at Överby Espoo, Pehtorinkuja 3

Sunday 20th September at 10am – 5pm practical workshop at Iso-orvokkiniity in Karjalohja, address Varkalahdentie (

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Join us to learn about forest gardens in cool climates and about extending the growth season with passive solar greenhouses.

We have invited Jerome Osentowski, one of North America’s most accomplished permaculture designers, from Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in Colorado to lecture about cool climate permaculture, edible forest gardens and passive solar greenhouses in Finland in September. For 30 years Jerome has managed a cool climate permaculture centre at over 2000 metres in the Rocky Mountains. He is one of the most experienced cool climate permaculture teachers.

In the Saturday lectures Jerome will speak about forest garden design and greenhouse design. Sunday will be a practical workshop at Iso-orvokkiniitty – a to-be permaculture model farm in Karjalohja where greenhouse and forest garden will be central elements of the design.

Jerome’s new book  ”The Forest Garden Greenhouse” will be released at about the same time as he is in Finland. The book can be preordered at

Forest gardens are ecosystems that are designed to produce food and other beneficial materials. They are multifunctional, largely self-sustaining systems that are able to maintain and increase their fertility and the health of the environment  while producing berries, fruit, nuts, fibres, herbs etc.

CRMPI is known for its greenhouses that use the climate battery system to store the extra heat of warm days into the soil from where it can be used by means of a simple thermostat and air circulation as temperatures decrease.

The course price is 40 € for Saturday and 25 € for Sunday.

On Saturady there is possibility for lunch at Överby cafeteria, on Sunday a soup is served at Iso-orvokkiniitty and included in the price.

The course and workshop will be in English. You can learn about Jerome’s activities in Finnish at

Sign up for the course with Marja Nuora: with your name and address and let us know if you plan to participate on both days or only either day. We will invoice the course fees before the course.

For inquiries about the content of the course and workshop please contact Mari Korhonen:

In case you need design consulting on your own site Jerome is available on Monday to Wednesday (21st to 23rd Sep.). Inquireis to Mari:

The Forest Garden Greenhouse

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